It all started when I would buy an expensive rod, and then when I used it, I would think "if they just did this to it or that to it, then it would be perfect..." I started building rods for my personal use eventually when I couldn't find what I needed/wanted.


Soon, I was out fishing and one of my buddies asked, "hey, where did you get that rod?" So, I let him know that I made the rod. Before I knew it, I was taking my first order. Then, once I filled that order, I had more and more orders. 


I have always been about building rods that are 100% custom for the customer from the tip to the butt. And not at a high cost! I help customers create custom rods that won't break the bank. And that's why the brand called Lucky Custom Rods. 

So, what are you waiting for? Put Luck In Your Hands.