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Walleye Jig Sticks
  • Walleye Jig Sticks

    After Yrs of testing numerous blanks we believe we have found that Gem! 50 Million Toray Carbon blanks for unmatched sensitivity and weight combined with zirconia guides and Carbon Fiber grips or Full Cork. I put these rods up against any other higher end rods on the market, give one a try and watch the rest collect dust!

    MAG LGHT 1/16 oz.. - 3/8oz. Fast 4-8lb.

    MED LIGHT 1/8 oz. - 1/2oz. Fast 6-10lb.

    MEDIUM 3/16 oz.-5/8 oz. Fast 8-12lb.

    MED HEAVY 1/4 oz. - 3/4 oz. Fast 10-14lb.

    • Warranty and Care

      We use top of the line parts and High Modules Blanks that we put yrs of research and testing into along with a bunch of love and time so, we reccomend a rod sleave to protect your top of the line fishing weapon! 1 year no questions asked warranty for damage or breaks of normal wear, limited warranty on rods broke or damaged from abuse even if less than a yr. Just explain what happend and be honest and I will ushually work with you to get a new stick!

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